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LAURE DEFINE Advogados resulted affinity professionals who dared to make a commitment to carry out an independent law firm , strong, ethical and , above all, effective results for their clients.


The Administrative Law Area is the one which advises the clients concerning invitations to bid and in claims of franchise and public permit of the clients´ interests. The professionals act also defending the clients in administrative proceedings.

Together with the Tax Law area, this area advises in order to restructure the companies, planning and rendering constitution, merging, incorporation, acquisition, etc.


The Environmental Law area takes care of all the questions which involve the environment, propitiating solution in cases relating to the impositive environmental restrictions, in license processes, adjusting the conducts, and also in situations in which the client needs advices and accompaniment of his claims which focus on the environmental preservation.

Accomplishing environmental audits together with the specialized enterprises and helping with the settlement of conducts, the Environmental Law area promotes a better relationship among the enterprises which are clients with agencies and governmental bodies that protect the environment.


The Civil Area concentrates various legal relations: Family Law, Descent Law, Agricultural Law, Real Property Law, Contacts Law and Cybernetic.

In this particular area, the office acts in litigations, such as repairing properties and moral damages, legal collections, separation, divorce, action of trespass, actions of search and seizure, execution, monition action, etc.

It is also in this area that the office assists and makes strategies in the administration of the assets and liabilities, in the elaboration and negotiation of contracts, in leasing, in collateral (including bank collaterals), financing, wills, writs, probation, enlisting, antenuptial contracts and succession planning.

The office also assists, develops and follows the immovable ventures of all kinds, elaborating and regulating all the documents and contracts involving it, as per sales agreement, hiring, barter contract, turn-key contracts, contracts of joint adventure, lease contract, donation, dation in payment, transfer agreement, immovable amalgamation condominium and allotment.


The area of the Commercial Law concerns the elaboration of contracts in general, including franchising and factoring contracts, advising and assisting during the celebration of international agreements.

This area also embraces the situations related to the copyright law, trade and patent, negotiations, implementation and executions of commercial trades, advising and assisting the clients with information concerning the commercial law, the ones that involve subjects of different areas, such as consumer defense and labor, always analyzing the clients´ situations with a multidiscipline point of view.

Furthermore, among the activities in this area, the Competition and Economic Law aims to act in suits against the abuse of economic power and lawsuits concerning anti-competitive practices.


We provide sound legal advice by analysing and developing instruments to minimize risks, mitigate doubts and consequently anticipate litigation. These instruments range from routine, day-to-day documents pertaining to our customer's business activity, to more elaborate documents, for which several subjects of law are used, in order to fully cover the interests and rights involved.
Our services include the preparation and analysis of contracts and documents of purchase and sale, letting, mutual funds, lending, exchange, donation, service provision, deposit, mandates, business management, copyright, partnership, leasing, income constitution, insurance, surety, transport, supply, real estate, commission, brokerage, commercial representation, distribution, transfer of technology, know-how, licensing, franchising, factoring, engineering, agency, reports, amendments, dissolutions, memorandum of understanding and comfort letters.


Family Law and Inheritance deals in a humane way with issues related to family aspects, which involves dissolution of bonds, custody, alimony, adoption, inventories, wills, marriages, patrimonial guidance, including consequences in companies, among others.
The causes involve disputes that are related to feelings, because it is an area that operates in resolving problems of emotional and patrimonial nature. Thus, the consultations and the actions go beyond legal domain, given the need for trust to be established between clients and professionals who deal with the conflicts which are common in this area of ​​law.
First, guidance is provided, then consultations are held, agreements are attempted and, if necessary, judicial proceedings are instituted. The work of the lawyers is to make efforts so that the presented issues are resolved with peace of mind for customers who are already in an extremely delicate situation, exhausted or concerned with the normal risks of the issues at hand.


The Consumer Law Area is dynamics and aims to attend all of those who belong to the consumer chains.

The professionals in this area, because of that, are focused on the protection of the consumers, and also on the defense and assistance of the companies in order to minimize the number of suits concerning the improvement of its services and goods.


This is the area responsible for the solution of conflicts originated in the sub-areas, as Family Law and International Contracts, and acting in parallel with the Corporate Law and International Tax Law areas.


The Penal Law area includes defense in inquisitions and criminal actions, especially the ones involving taxation problems, corporate matters and economic issues, besides the ones in the environmental area.

This area also elaborates opinions and reports about the criminal subject in a global sense, except for the cases linked to the drug trafiking.


In this area, the professionals offer preventive consultancy in the administrative phase and also acts in the judicial phase, obtaining benefits for the clients.


This area aims the protection of the companies’ capital and also its partners´ wealth.


This area offers consultancy and preventive analysis concerning the employment relationship. Moreover, the Labor Law Area advises the clients about agreements and collective conventions.

The professionals also offer legal counsel, analyzing and preparing contracts for the third sector contractions.


In this area, the office offers consultancy in the national and international sectors, elaborating opinions and reports and defending the clients from tax problems all over the national territory.

Specialists are skilled to analyze the companies and elaborate a tributary plan in order to diminish the tax payment and to increase the tributary recovery.


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